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Feb. 28th, 2005 @ 03:25 pm (no subject)

He looked around and realized he was standing in the corridor outside the med unit. The floor was cold under his feet and when he glanced down, he realized he was barefoot. In fact, he was only wearing the fuzzy pajama pants that his mum had bought him for Christmas two years ago. They had been washed into that comfortable worn state that made them so nice to sleep in. It didn't matter that he had left them back on Earth.

The chill from his feet had moved up his body, and Carson hugged his bare chest. Atlantis was not a warm place. The city's power concerns meant that every watt had to be conserved. The environmental controls had been set to only a livable temperature causing everyone to walk around with jackets when it wasn't warm outside. He had joked about living in Scotland to those that had complained, but now he wouldn't have minded if someone would turn the heat up.

His temperature is through the roof. If it gets any higher we may have to put him in an ice bath to keep it from damaging his brain.

Carson looked around for the voice that echoed down the empty hallway. When he didn't see anyone, he walked into the medical unit. The place was deathly quiet. He pulled his lab coat off the rack and pulled it on for warmth more than ceremony. It was odd that there was no one around. Carson pulled himself up onto one of the beds and curled up. He was definitely feeling groggy for some reason. The smell of the sanitized sheets was harsh against his nose. He heard a noise and when he rolled over Carson realized that he couldn't move his arms or legs. He was strapped to the bed.

"What?" he asked and tugged at the restraints.

"Hello, Carson."

Rodney was bent over him in OR scrubs and mask. Carson looked at him in confusion. The scientist's eyes crinkled in a way that let him know that Rodney was smiling although he couldn't see the grin behind the mask.

"How are you feeling?" McKay asked.


"Hmm... obviously a serious condition. What do you think Major?"

Carson lifted his head to see Major Sheppard at the foot of the bed also in scrubs and a mask. The dark eyebrows were furrowed into a worried look. Carson felt John's piercing gaze to the bone.

"Very serious. We're going to have to operate."

Heart rate is increasing....

"What?" Carson yelped looking back and forth between them.

Rodney turned around and fiddled with something on a table. Carson couldn't see around the man's body, but whatever was on the table kept catching the light and leaving reflections on the wall. When Rodney turned back around, Carson let out a yell of panic. McKay was holding the electric bone saw proudly.

"Now, now, Carson. There's no call for that. Don't worry. It'll only hurt a lot."

The high whining of the saw as Rodney cut it on grated on Carson's nerves. He struggled fiercely against the straps trying to get away. The saw came toward him in slow motion and Carson screamed.

He's convulsing! I need some help in here!

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